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Scared To Death… Do It Anyway

Most of us won’t experience the extreme ends of the spectrum of panic and anxiety…such as agoraphobia, a fear of leaving your safe place; but many of us do experience events, episodes, and moments in business and in our personal lives, that are on that spectrum. And we deal with others all the time who can be on any point in that spectrum. From business people to our employees, our family, our friends. Quite often, those most in need of Brian’s message are those who have loved ones who suffer.  His message helps deal with, talk with, and understand their loved ones, co-workers, or friends, better.


In “Scared to Death…Do It Anyway” Brian has given us an unprecedented glimpse into his world, in revealing detail. He also reveals what’s in his “tool box” that can help others.


In building his company, Brian developed the manufacturing company, Ocean State Packaging, to one of the top companies providing plastic packaging in the United States, and beyond. Millions have seen and used the packaging in retail and wholesale chains, household, automotive, cosmetic, hotels and many of the top restaurant chains.


Today, when Brian walks into a random store and notices one of his bottles on a shelf, he smiles and always remembers the story behind the sales experience for each account. Some of those stories have him running in panic out of a waiting room, or listening to the Theme from Rocky while trying to build up the motivation and momentum he needed to simply survive a 15 minute conversation with another human being.


Whether he’s coaching other business people or talking to individuals, he says, “If you happen to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, I invite you to lay your own stories over mine.  You don’t need to live that way. There is a way out, and fighting yourself is not the answer. I’m here to tell you I made it through to the other side, even with one hand tied behind my back.  And all this began from a company started in a bedroom, by a guy too afraid to leave it.”


100% of book sale proceeds are donated to the Pediatric Anxiety Research Center (PARC) at Bradley Hospital