Survivor and Authority on Panic,
Fear and Severe Anxiety

  • I'm getting phone calls and emails - from Execs - thanking me for bringing you to them...and wanting me to share with you their gratitude. You touched many...even at the board meeting, members were relating to you and your stories... You're a star! Really, seriously, quite fabulous..
    Nancy Thomas
  • Brian’s passion to positively affect people both young and old, and make them aware of how they can help themselves, is unending. Mental illness needs a friend like Brian Beneduce.
    Rick Granoff
    Co- Chairman, Bravo Bradley/ Board of Governors, Bradley Psychiatric Hospital.
  • I was excited to be invited to Brian Beneduce's book launch of "Scared to Death... Do It anyway". The event was filled to great energy, support and appreciation for Brian's mission of helping others. Everyone that I spoke with has great admiration for him. I can see Brian being a national celebrity in the coming months. I'm happy to have been introduced to him at the beginning of the year.
    Susan Lataille
    Discover You Events
  • Brian’s courage to share his story was powerful. His ability to create, develop and succeed in business while managing these haunting and scary feelings is remarkable. His story resonated with me personally as a Mother who is just beginning to understand the challenges her daughter faces.  Although not “diagnosed” formally, the anxiety she feels in certain situations can prevent action. We look forward to reading the book and trying out the tools Brian successfully uses.
    Kathleen R.
  • I've had the opportunity to spend some time with Brian at one of his "Conversations with Brian" events, and he is fascinating!  His 1st book Scared To Death, Do It Anyway is his first person account of living with intense anxiety, panic attacks, and debilitating fear (agoraphobia), and what he did/does to overcome it and lead a happy, successful life.  What an inspiration he is
    Regina D


‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but the learning to act in spite of it.’

Theodore Roosevelt


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My Mission
Brian Beneduce

Help you discover a new-found strength and confidence that bring your hopes and dreams in into reality. You will be empowered. You will succeed. Failure… is NOT an option.

Helping people overcome panic and anxiety is my passion. In my workshops, you’ll hear about the most embarrassing, funny, scary, heartbreaking and happiest moments of my own life living with panic and anxiety. There are thousands of children, adults, athletes, business professionals and others who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks every day who don’t think they will ever be normal.There is a solution that I want to share that with you.


Someone close to me shared Brian Beneduce’s book Scared To Death, Do It Anyway and I will be forever grateful. For many years, perhaps my entire life, I have been a worrier about all the little things. ...

Lisa P.

I have been a small business owner for over 10 years, and have struggled with getting my company to the next level or to reach our goals. I take all the blame for this because it is my own anxiety that holds me back from the success I have sought for many years. ...

Liam N.

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Brian's Book Sale Profits will be donated to the fantastic people at Bradley Hospital 

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