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[tagline type=”1″ date=”09″ title_a=”is my absolute” title_b=”SCARY PLACE” button_link=”http://brianbeneduce.com/about-brian” tag_icon=”vc_li vc_li-heart”]Whenever I speak in front of an audience I often tell them I’m a 9. On a scale from 1-10, a 9 is a place where anxiety and fear rule my mind. I speak anyway and push through it. As I tell my story I’ll break away for a moment to let the audience know what number I’ve reached. This has kept my audience completely focused on the journey I’m going through, a journey into the world of panic and anxiety.

My story resonates but envelops audiences with hope![/tagline]

[tagline type=”2″ color_style=”jx-light” title_a=”Impact Your Audience” title_b=”Book Brian Today!” button_text=”Booking” text_align=”center”]The Panic and Anxiety Speaker[/tagline]
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